morning shit second post

Here is the lengthy description of why I love the chili peppers. It will help you and everyone around you if you watch this video on full blast. We can only upload videos through vimeo or youtube so we just need to make a channel and start posting. We could upload videos for download if you want but it looks weird and is less user friendly. The site is officially ready for posts. I just need questions if you guys want to ask some. I can make a new link for each new post. The new post will show everything you see above and below, plus this little box to put in our material. Any ideas or things to change please let me know! 

P.S. I can add as many of the different question types as you guys want


The link at the bottom will take you to the blog. We have the ability to post a preview photo and summary. The preview photo and summary is a description of the blog post. If the person is interested in the information presented in the summary or the photo they click "read more" and it takes them to the actual post which will contain our full written out material and the video. It will not have the section saying sign up here for updates or the questions unless you want me to keep those sections on every post as opposed to just the most recent one.

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